2002 - Anne-Marie (Cover by Sherla)


HI EVERYONE! It's been 2 months since my last video cover and finally today I got an opportunity to share my next video cover to you!

Many of you have requested this song through my Direct Message on Instagram and I'm beyond blessed that you guys show me a lot of interest by keep on participating in every chances that you have. 2002 for me is a catchy, upbeat song that throws me back to the 90s songs 'cause if you take a closer look to the lyrics, it's contained some references of the most famous 90s tunes!

I would like to present you guys this video with hopes that you will enjoy it! Please keep on supporting me and feel free to tell me what you guys think about the video in any way possible (comments/DM/email/etc). Thank you for all the love and support that keeps me going! Sending tons of virtual hugs and kisses from here to wherever you are, XOXO!

Special thanks to :
1. Suryadi Go
Instagram : @srydg
2. Visuma Production
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