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What Type of Tile Shop Is the Best For Your Projects?What Type of Tile Shop Is the Best For Your Projects?

The popular Beaumont Tiles and Grout shop which was established in the early 80s has become a major local business and is known for its friendly staff and convenient location in the Cairns Northern Queensland. It also has one of the best opening hours of any tile shop in Australia, operating round the clock from Monday to Saturday. The Beaumont tile shop cairns is also a very popular tourist destination because it boasts many shops and other businesses to see and do. This article describes some of the different types of tile and grouting available at the tile shop. Check this out

The Beaumont Tile Shop Cairns Area Offers Excellent Service

Beaumont Tiles is located on the corner of Cairns North Wharf and Cairns Waterfront. This type of tile shop has all the tile and grouting you will need. Their range includes tile for walls, floors, roofing, countertops, flooring, bathroom, decks, pools and other wet environments. They also have a grouting service and they are great at mixing the different types of tiles and grouting them so that they match. All the tiles and grouting can be bought direct form the factory or you can have a tile fitter come to your house and mix the tiles and grout for you.

Another popular tile shop is the Cairns Grouting Shop which is located just a short walk from the Beaumont tile shop on the North Cairns Peninsula. Here you will find an array of different types of tiles and grouting material for any type of construction or application. There are also a number of tools and accessories including specialized tools such as an electric trowel, a power saw, a drill and a power drill. This type of tile shop is also great for general tile repair and installation. If you have any questions about what tile shop has the best quality tile for your application then don’t hesitate to contact the owners of this tile shop.