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How Plant Stem Cells Functions

Plant stem cells are basically innately undifferentiated vascularized cells found throughout the stems of all plants. These cells perform many essential tasks for plants by secreting chlorophyll to provide sun and water and by secreting other pigments to help plants develop color. While they perform these tasks, they also form many unique and critical proteins that are very important for the growth and health of plants and even human beings. These types of cells are also used in the human body for a variety of functions such as forming teeth, eyesight, blood cells and more. Since they are essentially undifferentiated, plant stem cells function with a high level of purity and can be obtained from human sources, which makes them very valuable and rare.

Why need Plant Stem Cells Functions?

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One of the most useful types of stem cell is the epidermis or the skin tissue found beneath the epidermis. Epidermal cells perform a number of jobs for the plant, including protection of the tissues from infections, differentiation of body tissues to enable different functions, and they differentiate into other cell types. The epidermis contains no blood cells, which explains why it is so important for the health of humans. When diseases or injuries occur, the epidermis acts as a protective layer to repair damaged tissues. In addition, many stem cell types differentiate and grow into different cells found in other organs such as the kidney, lungs, heart, liver, and brain.

Scientists have been investigating the ability of plants to differentiate into other types of cells for many years. Different types of stem cell research have produced amazing results over the past decade. Scientists have found that plants can indeed divide into a variety of cells, and they have also discovered how plants use their natural stem cell resources to create new cells when needed. As exciting as all of this is, we must keep in mind that the greatest benefit derived from stem cell research is likely to be in finding ways we can use these cells to treat human diseases or improve human health.

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